Greek local food products, direct from exporting companies


We promote your event for B2B Meetings


We aim to bring new business opportunities and collaborations for Greek companies and we invite B2B buyers worldwide to get acquainted with the local traditional products of Greece.

In the course of the exhibition, we can promote your event for B2B Meetings with international importers, wholesalers and Buyers of food products around the world as a very effective way to enter into contact, with potential partners, exchange ideas, discuss opportunities, build-up new partnerships and do business together.

B2B events are the best way for companies to get in touch with potential partners.
for any B2B meeting to be successful YOU MUST BE WILLING TO OFFER SOMETHING in RETURN, this is the solution.
ld methods of cold calling a prospect, telling them simply to visit your company at a given exhibition to present to them your products .. are long gone.

In order to open the doors to B2B Buyers you must offer them reasons for wanting to meet with you, and don't rest assured just because you have a great product.

It takes more than that. In today's super-fast paced world of B2B driven sales, it takes more than just having a great product, its about communicating your product in the right markets, at the right price, with the right "look", attitude and customer service.



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