Greek local food products, direct from exporting companies


Traditional Products
Greek traditional productsKorinthia is a prefecture a few miles southwest of the capital of Greece, Athens. It is the ideal  tourist and shopping destination, combining mountains and seaside, with picturesque beaches and modern accommodations. The unique climate of the area allows production of high quality products like olive oil, wine, grapes, currants (Korinthian raisins) and Sultana’s raisins - all internationally acknowledged. The wine classified as “Appellation origin Nemea of high quality” (VQBRD), appears in a series of the most famous restaurants in the country and abroad. Currants and Sultana’s produced according to EU legislation, are considered high quality products, consumed daily by thousand of people. Olive oil, produced with the most up to date processing methods, maintaining its nutritional value and high standard characteristics, valuable for human health.
The traditional values of Korinthian producers and manufacturers and their dedication for high standards and safety for all products of the Korinthian land, is the quarantee for their presence as high quality products.
Come to Korinthia if you wish to combine prosperous business deals and pleasant stay. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Korinthia is at your disposal, to facilitate your business deals.