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MEVGAL is the largest dairy industry in Northern Greece and the third largest company, with respect to production, in the fresh dairy products sector in Greece.
MEVGAL produces and distributes:
Fresh Pasteurized Milk

  • ESL Milk
  • European and Traditional type yogurt
  • Cheese products
  • Desserts and rice pudding, jelly and milk crčmes
  • Cholesterol free products

In parallel, the company has, since 2003, extended its activities and has entered into the fresh juice and fruit drinks sector.
MEVGAL has been active since the 50s at the heart of cow’s milk production in Greece, in Macedonia, where 67% of fresh milk in Greece is produced, and this facilitates the company to fully cover its needs with Greek high quality milk from over 1200 farms located in the vicinity of the company’s facilities. This vicinity ensures the fastest inflow of raw material at MEVGAL’s plant, the immediacy of processing and the freshness of the final product. Thanks to the excellent raw material –the milk – and the high technology implemented in the production process (HACCP system, ISO, BRC, IFS, non GMO animal feed certifications), the excellently organized distribution network and its experienced staff, MEVGAL’s products are today available in more than 21,000 smaller and larger sales points in Greece, while they are also exported to 25 countries around the globe.


Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: MEVGAL S.A.
  • Address: Koufalia
  • City: Thessaloniki
  • Postal Code: 571 00
  • Region: Macedonia
  • Phone: 2391059100
  • Fax: 2391052901
  • Web site:
  • E-mail:
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