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Displaying items by tag: feta cheese producing companies

The company S. LYTRAS & SONS is producing and trading traditional Greek dairy products, such as:

-          FETA LYTRAS





The company's headquarters and premises are at Mavrovouni of Larissa, in Central Greece. The company based on strategic planning as well as on systematic operational and administrational methods and through rational investments, has been able to combine tradition with high quality and to gain thus a competitive advantage and a respectable position in its sector.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise LYTRAS ST. & SONS CO
  • Address Mavrovouni
  • City Larissa
  • Postal Code 415 00
  • Region Larissa
  • Phone 2410981092-4
  • Fax 2410981093
  • Latitude 39.530193
  • Longitude 22.270071
Published in Larissa

FAGE is the dairy industry that has succeeded in creating tastes that are immensely popular both in Greece and abroad. It owes its success to its high quality products, the prestige and history of the FAGE name, the knowhow it has developed, its innovations, modern marketing techniques and to its distribution network, probably the largest and best organized in the country with over 350 refrigerated trucks. With its 3 plants in Greece and 1 in the US, its international operations that cover the countries of the European Union mainly, as well as Asia, America and Australia and its more than 1000 people, FAGE was and remains the company with the largest market share for yogurt in the Greek market since one out of three Greeks who buy standardized yogurt will buy a FAGE yogurt. It also holds significant shares in its other areas of activity, namely milk, cheese, desserts, with its turnover reaching 338,6 million euros in 2010. Building on the company’s success its people are always striving for the best, surpassing themselves every day. FAGE can thus continue to create highest quality, tasty products that fully meet the needs and requirements of today’s consumers.

Additional Info

  • Address 35, Ermou Str.,
  • City Metamorfossi
  • Postal Code 144 52
  • Region Attica
  • Phone 2102892555
  • Fax 2102828386
  • Latitude 38.071973
  • Longitude 23.773218
Published in Metamorfossi

MEVGAL is the largest dairy industry in Northern Greece and the third largest company, with respect to production, in the fresh dairy products sector in Greece.
MEVGAL produces and distributes:
Fresh Pasteurized Milk

  • ESL Milk
  • European and Traditional type yogurt
  • Cheese products
  • Desserts and rice pudding, jelly and milk crčmes
  • Cholesterol free products

In parallel, the company has, since 2003, extended its activities and has entered into the fresh juice and fruit drinks sector.
MEVGAL has been active since the 50s at the heart of cow’s milk production in Greece, in Macedonia, where 67% of fresh milk in Greece is produced, and this facilitates the company to fully cover its needs with Greek high quality milk from over 1200 farms located in the vicinity of the company’s facilities. This vicinity ensures the fastest inflow of raw material at MEVGAL’s plant, the immediacy of processing and the freshness of the final product. Thanks to the excellent raw material –the milk – and the high technology implemented in the production process (HACCP system, ISO, BRC, IFS, non GMO animal feed certifications), the excellently organized distribution network and its experienced staff, MEVGAL’s products are today available in more than 21,000 smaller and larger sales points in Greece, while they are also exported to 25 countries around the globe.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise MEVGAL S.A.
  • Address Koufalia
  • City Thessaloniki
  • Postal Code 571 00
  • Region Macedonia
  • Phone 2391059100
  • Fax 2391052901
  • Latitude 40.778397
  • Longitude 22.577593
Published in Thessaloniki