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That same cellar is in use today proudly displaying the bottles from 1864 when Vasilios Mavrakis founded the renowned distilleries in Argos bearing his name ever since. This is where the original extracts and liqueurs were created from carefully picked local varieties of grapes and fruits using traditional harvesting methods and a ‘know-how’ that lends its roots to Homeric times. Mavrakis products for almost 150 years became synonymous with good quality and taste. Today the fourth generation of the family faithfully continues to produce with unquenched zest inherited from their forefathers, fine quality ouzo, brandy, liqueurs, tsipouro, and vodka.

The Mavrakis distilleries use the old recipes in combination with modern technology and strict quality controls in order to deliver to the consumer only products that do justice to a 150 year-old tradition and satisfy the finest and most discriminating taste requirements. The great care that goes into each and every one of the Mavrakis products (brandy, ouzo, liqueurs, tsipouro, and vodka) starts with the scholastic selection of raw materials, moves on to the diligent distillation process, and continues with unsparing allowance to long-term maturing and fine blending in oak barrels for the brandy, and in stainless steel tanks for the ouzo in order for its unique aroma to develop. The process ends with the final check when tasting is performed.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise MAVRAKIS H.V. & CO.
  • Address 20, Vas. Konstantinou str.,
  • City Argos
  • Postal Code 212 00
  • Region Argolida
  • Phone 2751067332
  • Fax 2751068453
  • Latitude 37.635341
  • Longitude 22.727449
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DIONYSSOS is a greek company with great tradition and expertise in making fine greek wine. Asimakis Koutsouros and Stylianos Gikas established Dionyssos in 1941 with an emphasis on quality products and excellent service.
The company has by now gained the experience which meets the demands of today’s market. Our wish is to maintain high standards and for that reason our wine experts are always busy selecting the best quality of vineyards in Greece. In the company’s modern facilities, in Leheo Korinthias, we produce fine wine which undergoes a number of tests before it reaches the final stage of production. This careful production always makes us proud of the result. It is worth pointing out that the stuff is always available to our customers in order to help them with the promotion of our products or any other assistance we can provide.
Here in Dionyssos, there is one thing which has not changed since 1941, that is our continual effort to achieve quality and exceptional service.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise DIONYSSOS WINERY S.A.
  • Address 178, Vouliagmenis Ave.,
  • City Dafni
  • Postal Code 172 35
  • Region Attica
  • Phone 2109718420
  • Fax 2109713998
  • Latitude 37.952465
  • Longitude 23.737138
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The manufacturing and packaging activity of ARCHANES RURAL COOPERATIVE regarding the basic agricultural products of the region is very important. The cooperative has a modern wine factory, two olive presses and a table grape-wrapping center.
In its very modern installations, equipped with vinification technology’s best and under the supervision of experienced scientific personnel it standardizes 600.000 bottles of wine in categories V.Q.P.R.D red, Cretan local red and white wine.
The names and types of wines are:

•    ARCHANES Wine Red - Dry ( V.Q.P.R.D.)
•    ARMANTI Wine White Table Medium Sweet
•    ARMANTI Wine Red Table Medium Sweet
•    ARMANTI Cretan Local Wine - White Dry
•    ARMANTI Cretan Local Wine - Red Dry
•    ARMANTI Cretan Local Wine - Knot Dry
•    CAVA ARMANTI Wine White Dry Table
25% of total production is exported to the markets of Germany, Holland, France and the remaining goes for domestic consumption.
The cooperative also has a wrapping centre of fresh grapes. It packs and exports specifically in Western Europe (on behalf of the associates) high quality grapes of the ‘’Soultana’’ and ‘’Thompson’’ varieties. Annual production in the Archanes region is about 3500 tons. The cooperative packs and exports 2000 tons of high quality Soultana and Thompson varieties. The wrapping centre is equipped with modern installations. An advanced refrigeration grape system exists and its capacity is 300 tons. Grapes from three different categories are packed and exported: Soultani (13-15 mm), Soultana (16-17 mm) and Thompson (18-22 mm). They are packed in 5 kg cartons in pallets. Every pallet contains 115 cartons of 5 kg. The grapes are certified and are exported in Western Europe, including England, Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian countries.
The cooperative also has two centrifugal units in its new oil factory that began its operation for the first time in 2004/2005. In the near future it will obtain a contract packaging plant for olive oil and will trade roughly 910 olive oil tons.
The cooperative has participated in many international wine competitions and has achieved:
•    The 1st reward with the “ARCHANES” wine in VII SALON EUROPEEN DE LA VIGNE ET DU VIN (PARIS 30/10/1984)
•    The 1st reward with the “CAVA ARMANTI” of 1983 wine in VIII SALON EUROPEEN DE LA VIGNE ET DU VIN (STRASBOURG 9/11/1985)
•    The 1st reward with the “CAVA ARMANTI” wine in VIIII SALON EUROPEEN DE LA VIGNE ET DU VIN (ATHENS 9/11/1986)

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise ARCHARNES UNION
  • Address Archanes,
  • City Heraklion
  • Postal Code 701 00
  • Region Crete Island
  • Phone +30 2810753200
  • Fax +30 2810751474
  • Latitude 35.2161
  • Longitude 25.153343
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