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Displaying items by tag: Extra Virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the core ingredient of the celebrated Mediterranean diet. This is why we, at Nature Blessed, traveled all around Greece, in search of farmers and producers whom we share the same values with; using optimal growing conditions, farming practices and harvesting techniques, all based on sustainability. Our journey led us to less known paths full of small treasures waiting to be discovered.
The olives we use to produce this extraordinary olive oil are gathered from the Pierian Mountains, the “hometown” of the 12 Ancient Greek gods; guess Zeus and Athena chose very wisely. We hand pick the olives [a medley of three different types that flourish in the area] and press them within hours, to offer you a superb extra virgin olive oil. 

Our olive oil varieties: 

- DIVINE Premium extra virgin olive oil received GOLD AWARD in NYIOOC 2015
- 2 Drops, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 79, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Flavored virgin olive oil

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  • Address Industrial Area, Entrance A, Block 19, Building 7,
  • City Thessaloniki
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  • Region Macedonia
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DOLEON premium is a GOLD WINNING olive oil awarded in NYIOOC BEST OLIVE OILS April 2015. Our brand name was derived by combining together the words “Doloi” the name of the village where we grow our olives and “Eleon”, the ancient Greek word for oil. Bottled and produced by Makris family for more than 250 years, we have been producing our olive oil keeping the same traditional process and natural methods. 

Passed down from generation to generation, the tradition of gathering olives and producing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, has remained a part of our family tradition for as long as we have owned the olive orchards. 

Our olive oil. :
- DOLEON Premium Extra Virgin olive oil, an exceptional olive oil of medium intensity
  AWARD WINNING BEST OLIVE OIL in New York International olive oil competition April 2015. 

- DOLEON P. D. O. Kalamata, a very well balanced delicate extra virgin olive oil

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  • City Athens
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  • Region Attica
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The idea of ??creating our company "Amphoreus Intertrade", is both simple and very natural. We have discovered
the magic of the extra virgin olive oil located in our own olive groves in Biotia central Greece, located near Delphi and Arachova. 

The olive oil is derived from the following olive varieties:

  • Koroneiki
  • Athinoelia and
  • Manaki these olive varieties are indisputably amongst the best in the world.

Our organic products include some of the most precious gifts from Mother Nature.

Extra virgin olive oil in a choice of:

  • Gourmet
  • Bio and
  • Premium

Stored in dark colored glass bottles of (250-500-750ml), in order to preserve their organoleptic qualities.
Available also in bag-in-box packaging, ideal for restaurants and professional use.

Honey with an exquisite and unique flavor from:

  •   Fir ( one of the rarest products in the world)
  •   Chestnut and
  •   Heather

Organic molasses made from red grapes, and is ideal for use in cocktails and salad dressings or as a topping in waffles, pancakes and frozen yoghurt.

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  • Name of Enterprise AMPHOREUS INTERTRADE
  • Address 4. Kitheronos str.,
  • City Athens
  • Postal Code 113 64
  • Region Attica
  • Phone +30 2102017699
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  • Latitude 38.89363
  • Longitude 22.40928
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The company HOME BY NATURE was founded September of 2014, in Greece and is engaged in the production and commerce of high quality olive products destined for gourmet food and delicatessen shops worldwide.

Home Olive Oil Production process

Our production is divided in 5 steps:

  1. Harvesting
  2. Transportation
  3. Cold press process (cold extraction by centrifuge oil press)
  4. Receipt and Storing of olive oil
  5. Bottling

With respect to nature we raise our crops using techniques and processes that are based on principles of biological agriculture and sustainable development.
The harvesting and gathering is completely done by hands.
The bottling process uses modern means to make sure that all health and safety conditions are met.

Our branded products

-    HOME SUPREME Bio olive oil 0,00%acidity levels (per 100 gr)

-    HOME SPIRIT Extra virgin olive oil permanently under of 0,5 % acidity levels

-    HOME SCENT olive oil 0,3% low acidity


-    HOME Olive spoon sweets

Our exquisite olive products are “Worth sharing” so Treat yourself and ask for our quote!

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  • Name of Enterprise HOME BY NATURE
  • Address 18 Ag. Georgiou str.,
  • City Athens
  • Postal Code 141 23
  • Region Attica
  • Phone 2130324182
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  • Latitude 38.065154
  • Longitude 23.780242
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In Greece, the history of olives and olive oil is synonymous with the history of ancient Greece.

In an attempt to continue the tradition and culture of our people, we aim to promote our Greek olive oil worldwide.

Under the excellent climate of Laconia, where our olive groves are located, and in clode collaborations exclusive partnerships with producers of small allotments, we grow and collect our olives from the trees with immense love and care.

We set out strict specifications as to the time of collection of the olives, the means of transport to the oil mill and the required direct cold pressing of the olive fruit almost immediately after its collection, so as to ensure the premium quality of our olive oil.

The high quality of the production process (which is in its largest part, handpicked) along with the standardization and the storage of the olive oil in the stainless steel tanks (for a period of two months) guarantee that we offer you a rich, high density, full of aromas olive oil of the finest quality, characterized by an unprecedented originality.

We design and apply contemporary marketing techniques and sales methods to ensure that our exceptional Keleon products continue to reach your table in the best condition.

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  • Name of Enterprise KELEON OLIVE PRODUCTS
  • Address 31, Georgiou Papandreou str.,
  • City Thessaloniki
  • Postal Code 546 45
  • Region Macedonia
  • Phone +302310220035
  • Fax +302310220054
  • Latitude 40.599035
  • Longitude 22.951949
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Our company "Monopati" was founded in 2013 by 42 olive oil producers with 900,000 sqm and 16,000 olive trees of the Koroneiki variety olives growing in semi-mountainous and mountainous olive groves. The company name refers to the ancient path of Greece two days before the Olympic Games, where there was a tradition of a procession from ancient Elis to ancient Olympia. In the middle of the trail toward ancient Olympia where they stayed overnight are the foothills of our olive groves.

So, following our Monopati and with love for olive oil, the land and our history, we developed the olive oil "Monakrivo" available in three varieties:

- Limnes: Made from 100% Koroneiki variety. It has a lovely, velvety texture, vibrant colour, rich flavour and low acidity.

- Afanoules: Made from 97% Koroneiki and 3%

- Matolia variety, it leaves an irresistible fruity, slightly bitter aftertaste.

Our organic olive oil is exclusively from organically grown olive trees, this olive oil has a surprisingly unique natural flavour.

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  • Name of Enterprise MONAKRIVO S.A.
  • Address 2, Argyropoulou str.,
  • City N. Kifissia
  • Postal Code 145 62
  • Region Attica
  • Phone +30 2102280246
  • Fax -
  • Latitude 38.073497
  • Longitude 23.81449
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CRITIDA S.A. a family business situated in Crete, Greece with long experience and knowledge in the production, standardization and trade of extra virgin olive oil. The Family "Critida" has three generation in the olive oil business and continues to produce olive oil the old fashion way using traditional methods. With respect for tradition and quality we choose the very best quality olive fruit thus achieving the best result. We strongly belief that this unique Cretan olive oil, deserves to attract the global recognition for its exceptional taste and quality.
Our company produces high quality products in a variety of flavors and packaging. In collaboration with producers from southern Crete we select and standardize the best Cretan olive oil. Moreover, our tracking system gives the opportunity to our customers to watch closing the production of the oil from the harvest till the standardization.
With a carefully selected network of partners and from the oldest olive trees of the Cretan land, our company has focused in producing innovative products with high added value. Organic olive oil infused with organic herbs from the generous Cretan land such as oregano, thyme and rosemary bring out the flavor and the aroma of the Cretan olive oil. Our olive oil is also combined with lemon, with no chemicals, from natural lemons added to the mill along with the pressing of the olives and placed in a ceramic bottle that preserves intact all of its characteristics. With a strong desire to put globally the Cretan olive oil in a dominant position, our company adds to its collection of another new range of innovative products with intense fruity character and very low acidity to 0.2% with the award-winning olive oil from the region of Sitia.
Our company has an export activity in many countries such as Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Brazil, UAE and China.
All of our products are being produced in modern facilities under strict supervision, according to EU regulations and they have all the necessary certificates. The continuous search for new materials and our effort to maintain the quality of our products, have led the company in international markets, where has been honoured with many awards.
With three generations in the olive oil business producing the finest quality olive oil.

Our Products: 

•Extra Virgin olive oil
•Biological olive oil
•Olive paste
•P.D.O products

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  • Name of Enterprise CRITIDA S.A.
  • Address 27, Kyparissias str.,
  • City Heraklion
  • Postal Code 714 09
  • Region Crete Island
  • Phone +30 2810211911
  • Fax +30 2810211929
  • Latitude 38.010368
  • Longitude 23.753704
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