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Displaying items by tag: extra virgin olive oil from greece

The idea of ??creating our company "Amphoreus Intertrade", is both simple and very natural. We have discovered
the magic of the extra virgin olive oil located in our own olive groves in Biotia central Greece, located near Delphi and Arachova. 

The olive oil is derived from the following olive varieties:

  • Koroneiki
  • Athinoelia and
  • Manaki these olive varieties are indisputably amongst the best in the world.

Our organic products include some of the most precious gifts from Mother Nature.

Extra virgin olive oil in a choice of:

  • Gourmet
  • Bio and
  • Premium

Stored in dark colored glass bottles of (250-500-750ml), in order to preserve their organoleptic qualities.
Available also in bag-in-box packaging, ideal for restaurants and professional use.

Honey with an exquisite and unique flavor from:

  •   Fir ( one of the rarest products in the world)
  •   Chestnut and
  •   Heather

Organic molasses made from red grapes, and is ideal for use in cocktails and salad dressings or as a topping in waffles, pancakes and frozen yoghurt.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise AMPHOREUS INTERTRADE
  • Address 4. Kitheronos str.,
  • City Athens
  • Postal Code 113 64
  • Region Attica
  • Phone +30 2102017699
  • Fax -
  • Latitude 38.89363
  • Longitude 22.40928
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Our company "Monopati" was founded in 2013 by 42 olive oil producers with 900,000 sqm and 16,000 olive trees of the Koroneiki variety olives growing in semi-mountainous and mountainous olive groves. The company name refers to the ancient path of Greece two days before the Olympic Games, where there was a tradition of a procession from ancient Elis to ancient Olympia. In the middle of the trail toward ancient Olympia where they stayed overnight are the foothills of our olive groves.

So, following our Monopati and with love for olive oil, the land and our history, we developed the olive oil "Monakrivo" available in three varieties:

- Limnes: Made from 100% Koroneiki variety. It has a lovely, velvety texture, vibrant colour, rich flavour and low acidity.

- Afanoules: Made from 97% Koroneiki and 3%

- Matolia variety, it leaves an irresistible fruity, slightly bitter aftertaste.

Our organic olive oil is exclusively from organically grown olive trees, this olive oil has a surprisingly unique natural flavour.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise MONAKRIVO S.A.
  • Address 2, Argyropoulou str.,
  • City N. Kifissia
  • Postal Code 145 62
  • Region Attica
  • Phone +30 2102280246
  • Fax -
  • Latitude 38.073497
  • Longitude 23.81449
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A pure, light, singular olive oil MYTHIA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is distinguished by its rich, fruity taste, slightly peppery aftertaste, its transparent gold-green colour and the soft aroma of a freshly cut olive tree and newly cut grass. Excellent for both raw salads as well as cooking. Using the same constituent elements, the “Pangea” company is trying to create simple but nutritious products. The simplicity of nature is our inspiration for products that are an expression of health and well-being. For “Pangea”, tradition is no obstacle to progress, but the spring board into the future, for a long and happy life. “Pangea” is ever expanding: it is in perpetual motion, growing outwards like a living spire.
To increase customer satisfaction and trust, our company was certified under HACCP three years ago and per ISO 22000:2005 recently. The latter certification is the most comprehensive quality assurance system. Located in the countryside, area of Kounavoi (Heraklion, Crete), our modern installations and equipment warrant the quality of all “Pangea” products, from the stage of initial processing to placement in the market.
Our Products:     
* Balsamic vinegar
* Dry red wine
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Extra virgin olive oil (biological cultivation)
* Herbs and Spices
* Honey


Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise CHRONAKI M. & A. PANGEA LTD
  • Address 2, Eltinias str.,
  • City Heraklion
  • Postal Code 701 00
  • Region Crete Island
  • Phone +30 2810741127
  • Fax +30 2810743576
  • Latitude 35.239661
  • Longitude 25.190277
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