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Displaying items by tag: Fresh Greek Watermelons from Ilia Peloponnese

The company GREEK FRUITS KOUTSOGIANNOPOULOS is a family business for imports and exports of fruits and vegetables.
The Company was founded in 1985 by Anthony Koutsogiannopoulos in Andravida, in total area 8 hectares of which 2000 sm are covered with modern facilities and 600 sm refrigerators that meet the standards of maintenance and protection products.
Our main activity is the packaging agricultural products like potatoes, onions, garlic, watermelons and carrots. The company serves customers throughout Greece. Parallel activities are constantly increasing its export activity, mainly in Eastern Europe. It aims to expand its activities in the rest of Europe with long-term partnerships.


Additional Info

  • Address Avdavida
  • City Pyrgos
  • Postal Code 270 51
  • Region Ilia
  • Phone 2623055200
  • Fax 2623055363
  • Latitude 37.906853
  • Longitude 21.268558
Published in Pyrgos

The company POULIS C. LTD FRUITS AND VEGETABLES is engaged in standardization, packaging and trade of agricultural products in the prefecture of Ilia. Our Products: early Greek watermelons available in packs of 20 kg carton and wooden pallets 350 and 700 pounds. Fresh fruits and vegetables like oranges, cauliflower, etc.

Additional Info

  • Address Machou
  • City Vartholomio
  • Postal Code 270 50
  • Region Attica
  • Phone 6945998356
  • Fax 2623041827
  • Latitude 37.882842
  • Longitude 21.194635
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Food industry specializing in the production of processed vegetables, Pickled vegetables, Pickles preserves, Grilled red peppers, canned vegetables, tomatoes and other delicatessen specialties.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise ALMI S.A.
  • Address 5th km Alexandria - Kr. Vrissi Rd.,
  • City Alexandria
  • Postal Code 593 00
  • Region Imathia
  • Phone 2333027800
  • Fax 2333027806
  • Latitude 40.628682
  • Longitude 22.451076
Published in Alexandria

SYGGELAKIS CHRYSANTHOS S.A. was established in 1980 and in 1990 transformed into a Societe Anonyme company. Since then the company exports agricultural products, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, grapes, aubergines and is certified certified with ISO 9001:2000, HACCP, IFS, observing the specifications of regulations of EU.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise SYGGELAKIS CHRYSANTHOS S.A.
  • Address Gra Lugia,
  • City Ierapetra
  • Postal Code 722 00
  • Region Crete Island
  • Phone +30 2842023626, 2842024231
  • Fax +30 2842026306
  • Latitude 35.01537
  • Longitude 25.692509
Published in Ierapetra

Established in 1927, AGRUNION is one of the largest agricultural cooperative unions of Greece, with 167 members of 1st degree and over 47.000 members (farmers). Our range of products include olive oil, wines, vinegar and table grapes, sold into the Greek and foreign markets. They are produced in new-built factories equipped with foremost technological equipment, totally owned by AGRUNION. We use local high quality raw materials for our products as our Union is ISO 22000:2005, 9001:2000, HACCP, BRC and IFS certified. Our olive oil brand name is "KNOSSOS" covers extra virgin, pure and organic products. At the same time, AGRUNION is actively trading in agricultural supplies and supermarket items. It provides administrative support to their member-cooperatives members, technically oriented advisory services to farmers, as well as insurance services. It participates in a large number of enterprises and organizations, most of which are related to the rural economy.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise AGRUNION
  • Address 146, 62 Martyron Ave.,
  • City Heraklion
  • Postal Code 713 03
  • Region Crete Island
  • Phone +30 2810378000, 2810378110
  • Fax +30 2810261150
  • Latitude 35.333943
  • Longitude 25.115253
Published in Heraklion

Our company ROUSSAKIS EMM. & SONS CO. is an exporting company dealing with the collection, processing and standardization of the Olive oil, Grapes, Raisins and Agricultural products produced in Crete.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise ROUSSAKIS EMM. & SONS CO
  • Address Episkopi Pediados,
  • City Heraklion
  • Postal Code 700 08
  • Region Crete Island
  • Phone +30 2810771209, 2891024566
  • Fax +30 2810771209
  • Latitude 35.256465
  • Longitude 25.237686
Published in Heraklion