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askomet ASKOXILAKIS BROS S.A. is one of the leading companies in Greece on research, design, manufacture and placement of metallic greenhouses, metallic buildings, metallic water tanks and steel sheets of weaving type form. askomet ASKOXILAKIS BROS S.A. resides in the town of Mires in prefecture of Iraklion located in the island of Crete where it has been active for the last 30 years.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: ASKOMET S.A.
  • Address: 3rd km Moires-Tympaki Rd.,
  • City: Heraklion
  • Postal Code: 704 00
  • Region: Crete Island
  • Phone: +30 2892029380-2
  • Fax: +30 2892029383
  • Web site:
  • E-mail:
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