Greek local food products, direct from exporting companies




Our experience of 20 years made us experts in handling loadings from/to Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Georgia and Azerbaijan with responsibility, reliance and respect to the needs of its customer. We have agents all over the Turkey.

Our perfect command of the Turkish language allows us to guarantee the correct and valid information of our customers.

• It gives us the opportunity to contact directly with the Turkish companies and relieve the customer from such time-consuming procedures.

• We offer flexibility, safety and rapidity.

• We guarantee the fast and safe collection and delivery of your commodity.

• We undertake any task regarding the procedure of import – export.

• We provide permits for the transport of special loadings (permits for heavy vehicles).

• We propose and we offer up to 5% discount in package services.

• As far as logistic is concerned, our company operates new trucks all equipped with the necessary requirements for the safety of your goods.

• Except for full loadings, we undertake groupaze loadings. Groupage goods are stored in our warehouse located in Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir. Goods from other cities such as Gaziantep, Ankara, Kayseri etc., are forwarded to our warehouse in Istanbul for departures on Fridays and Saturdays.

• We undertake transports to former countries of USSD, Iran, Iraq and Syria.


 International road  transportation to  Turkey





Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: RIVER TRANS LTD
  • Address: 7, Karatasou str.,
  • City: Thessaloniki
  • Postal Code: 546 26
  • Region: Macedonia
  • Phone: +30 2310566167, 2310566331
  • Fax: +30 2310511559
  • Web site:
  • E-mail:
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