Greek local food products, direct from exporting companies



The Extra virgin olive oil is obtained by pressing freshly picked olives.
It is entirely a natural product with no added ingredients, 
just the oil from the  fruit
of the olive tree and nothing else.

Amongst the purest foods you can eat today.

Today the olive oil is treated like the wine. There are experts who
taste the olive oil 
in order to determine its qualities and how to use it for cooking.


Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean Diet and
present in almost every Greek dish. 
Considered one of the healthiest products that nature can offer.

We invite you to discover the tasteful pleasure of the Greek olive oil, 
add it to your salad or cook with it
and reminisce our islands and mountain villages by tasting its rich flavour.


Today the production of olive oil in Greece is based on numerous small farms scattered across the country. The extensive shorelines of 15.021 km favor olive tree cultivation. Due to the growing popularity of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) oils, there are now 27 such regions in Greece. Each one produces olive oil with distinct characteristics.


Peloponnese The mountainous areas of Peloponnese are amongst the best known for their olive oil. Over Mount Taygetos, the area of Lakonia with its capital of Sparta offers 3 distinctive types of PDO oils. Here the variety of Koroneiki is mixed with Athinolia giving lighter oil with more citrus and nutty tones. The area of Lygourio and Kranidi in eastern Peloponnese produces sweeter oils due to the dominant presence of the Manaki variety.


Kalamata PDO

PDO – Protected Designation of Origin – is an EU definition showing that PDO products have a sense of place discernible in the flavor of the food. They must be produced, processed and prepared in a specific region using traditional production methods. This gives them a unique quality and special charateristics, linked to the climate, the nature of the soil and local know-how. The mountainous areas of Peloponnese are among the best known for their olive oil. The PDO region of Kalamata in the west produces excellent olive oil from the Koroneiki type olive as the "Kalamon olive" is exclusively used as table olive. The funnel shaped valley that spreads all the way to the coast, hosts vast olive groves which produce a robust olive oil with a fruity, mild and balanced flavor.



Crete is the most prominent island for olive oil. The vastness of the island olive groves, led naturally to the immediate registration of 9 PDO regions for the island of Crete. Again the "Koroneiki olive variety" dominates the region, but some local varieties can be found too, such as Tsounati, Throumbalia and Hondrolia, which account for their distinct flavor of each individual region.