Greek local food products, direct from exporting companies


The Kalamon olive: The most famous olive type of the elite variety. Extremely popular in the domestic market is the crushed type entrenched in salt and vinegar. Kalamon olives are farmed in KalamataSparta and Agrinio regions. The fruit has a dark eggplant purple in color, weighs about 5 to 6 g and has the almond shape. They are usually split and marinated in wine vinegar before being packed in either olive oil or vinegar.

Cracked Green olives: Tsakistes are brined with fennel and lemon. Known as "martini olives," the cracked green olive is a strong, sharp fruit that is grown in the Amfissa area just northwest of Delphi. Called Tsakistes in Greece, they are picked early and are eaten unripe. They are hit with a stone and packed in water to remove bitterness. Transferred to a brine made from salt, cracked green olives soak for a year with wild fennel stems and lemons added for flavor. Cracked green olives are used in potato and bean salads.

Thassos Olives: Thassos are salt-cured, wrinkled black olives. Thassos olives are wrinkled black olives cured in salt. The wrinkling process comes from being dried in the sun . These are rich in flavor with a chewy texture and are ideal for salads, pizzas and stews or served with just cheese. They are Packed in olive oil with oregano.

Konservoelia: There’s a large assortment of sub-types in green, crushed, black and blond olives. Is the most widespread variety of table olive and the richest in nutritional value. Produced in Central Greece and it represents 85% of the total production.

The Throumboelia: This is a small-sized type of olive cultivated in the Athens area, the Aegean, Crete and Thasos.

Chalkidiki olive: The Chalkidiki olive type is produced in the northern province of Chalkidiki. Also known as donkey-olive for the huge size of the fruit.




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