Greek local food products, direct from exporting companies


Greek traditional products

The Traditional Greek cuisine is totally based on pure products from Mother Nature such as olive oil, olives, vegetables and herbs, grains and bread, wine, fish, and various meats to form a balanced nutritional model that can ensure a better quality of life and physical health.

Getting to know a region of Greece includes becoming familiar with its savours, flavours and local food products and if you have already visited Greece, you are certainly acquainted, with the traditional Greek food products and the Greek cuisine which is considered amongst the healthiest and most balanced cuisines of the world, simply and mainly because it’s based on local traditional products of high nutritional value.
These products are exceptional gifts for you and your friends back home because they remind us of the places we have visited, and we bring back a treasure of Greece that is unique in many ways.

The Greek local food products, have a unique quality and unsurpassable nutritional value, such as the olives and the extra virgin oil, the dairy products, the Greek honey, ouzo the Greek aperitif, fish, juices, waternutswinesmastic from Chioscrocus from Kozani have blended together and have created a noble cuisine rich in nutritional ingredients, to satisfy the high gustatory and nutritional needs.

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Extra Virgin Olive oil


1st producer of Extra Virgin Olive oil worldwide


Greek olives from Kalamata World famous 'Kalamata" olives


Greek traditional FETA


exclusively produced in Greece


Greek wine Produced over 4000 years


OUZO-Greek aperitif Anise


the widely consumed aperitif


Quality honey from Greece Quality honey from Greece


MASTIC  produced only in Chios Greece


produced only in Chios Greece


SAFFRON  the rarest Greek plant of Kozani


the rarest Greek plant of Kozani