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Greek FETAGreece produces exceptional cheese such as Feta, Kaseri, Graviera, Kefalotiri, Myzithra and Metsovone. These cheeses vary Some of these cheeses are found throughout the country, while others are locally produced for local consumption. The most famous is of course the FETA, a pickled curd cheese that has a salty and tangy taste enhanced by the brine solution. It requires 30 percent goat's milk mixed with sheep's milk of animals grazing on pastures in the specific appellation of origin.

Upon maturation, feta is cured and aged in wooden oak barrels acquiring a rich peppery taste that is appreciated by true "feta" connoisseurs.  The texture of the cheese is compact, slightly crumbly and creamy. The flavor is creamy, slightly tangy and it tastes like sweet milk. 
Is the basic ingredient for the Greek salad ( Horiatiki), Spinach pies but also used in many other recipes produced exclusively in Greece.

FETA the authentic Greek cheese with a protected designation of origin (PDO).


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