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The Greek olive oil, widely recognised worldwide for its purity, exceptional taste and high nutritional value and clearly plays a dominant role in everyday cooking habits found in almost every recipe of the Greek cuisine.

The Extra virgin olive oil comes from only virgin oil production, contains no more than 0.8% acidity, and is judged to have a superior taste. It accounts for less than 10% of oil in many producing countries; the percentage is far higher in the Mediterranean producing countries (Greece: 80%, Italy: 45%, Spain 30%).


So, although you may not know it, it's very likely that you have at least once tasted the Greek olive oil.  


The Greek olive oil production is in excess of 300,000 tons annually. Greece, although a small country, holds the 3rd place in the olive oil production as 70% of its olive oil produced is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The annual per capita consumption on the other hand, is also the highest worldwide, as Greeks consume about 16 kilos (32 pounds) annually! and still, 1/3 of the annual production (135,000 tons) can be exported.
In fact, Greece is the world's largest exporter of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive oil producers, involved in the production and marketing of olive oil know the superior quality and the excellent organoleptic properties that the Greek olive oil has, ( its flavor, bouquet and color ) which is exported in bulk, mainly in the E.U. countries accounting for 90% of the total olive oil exports (80% sold in bulk and 10% derived from Greek branded olive oil).
Today, there is an increase in demand from other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Japan and the USA.

The Greek branded olive oil in the international market has been minimal for many years, however, in recent years, there is a steady change, as Greek exports have increased immensely the demand for olive oil consumption as consumers move towards a healthier lifestyle and as a consequence are adopting the Mediterranean diet.

As consumers learn to recognize the value of the olive oil, they will acknowledge what experts already know about the exceptional quality of the Greek olive oil.

What does Greece mean for world olive oil production

Main Areas of Production:

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