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Greek red Saffron / Crocus Kozani
saffron-crocus-kozaniThe history of Greek red saffron or Krokos Kozanis (Crocus Sativus Linneaus plant) dates back to prehistoric Greece as is included among the most precious and valuable spices from ancient civilizations, for its aromatic, colour, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac properties. Cleopatra used it in her cosmetics, the Ancient Phoenicians in their offerings to the goddess Asparte, Homer referred to it in his writings, while we even come across it in the Old Testament. Its history in modern Greece began when Kozanite traders transported it to Austria in the 17th C. For three hundred years now the Crocus has been cultivated and grown under the Macedonian sun, in a area that encompasses many small villages in the Kozani Prefecture. The residents of the region plant the Crocus every summer, and when autumn arrives, they remove the most one stigma of the beautiful flower by hand and desiccate it carefully until they have a slender deep red strand. Around 50,000 stigmas are needed to produce 100 gr red crocuses. The Crocus, or Greek saffron as it is usually called, belongs to the best-quality saffron in the world and is also called the “flower of Mediterranean cuisine”.