The company Ajax Products of White Marble S.A. was founded in 1997, its facilities are located at the town of Nikisiani, region of Kavala, at the so called location Portes at the foot of the mountain Paggeo which is, rich in marble sand natural rocks.

In a proper shaped, modern, organized and fully equipped area of 40.000 M2 , is on taking place the whole production aw well as operation, alternation and distribution of our marble products, combining fast productivity and excellent quality of our products.

The constant demands of our customers help us to improve and be able to satisfy any of your needs. This is the reason we always replace our equipment with improved and modern machine ring which are operated by specialists for the perfect and maximum productivity!

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: AIAS S.A. WHITE MARBLE PRODUCTS
  • Address: 1st km Nikisiani-Serron Rd.
  • City: Nikisiani
  • Postal Code: 640 01
  • Region: Kavala
  • Phone: +30 2592062142
  • Web site: