Handmade liquid, solid soaps and cosmetics based on extra virgin olive oil produced by us. PURE OLIVE OIL HANDMADE SOAP With 100% extra virgin olive oil of our production from olive variety Koroneiki organic farming without sprayings / fertilizers / pesticides. Without colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, chemical additives. 

Without essential oils, but with a distinctive aroma from extracts of natural materials such as herbs, fruits, etc. It is now well known from ancient times the beneficial properties of olive oil for the entire human body. The experience of ordinary consumers, and scientific research have proved this secure. 

We combine the passion and purity of traditional handmade work with the rigor and accountability of scientific knowledge and documentation. Thorough knowledge of the chemistry of soap and saponification and practical experience of many years, ensuring the creation of a safe and flawless product.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: GEORGIADIS GEORGIOS
  • Address: 54, Agiou Athanasiou Str.,
  • City: Messolonghi
  • Postal Code: 302 00
  • Region: Aitoloakarnania
  • Phone: +30 2631028016
  • Web site: