In the dunes of the northern part of Kalamata and at the foothills of Taygetos, the heart of the LIVA OLIVE OIL is beating. The original olive grove of the LIVA Family since 1980 has been managed by the KRIMNIANIOTIS family.

It is an olive grove of organic cultivation which, with particular love and care, produces LIVA olive oil, the first Greek olive oil that was characterized as Health Claim, accompanied by the corresponding chemical and organoleptic analyzes and traceability leading to the specific trees that produce it.

LIVA Olive Oil produces exclusively health-protective olive oil, with environment-friendly methods of cultivation, harvesting, cold-pressed production by mechanical means, standardization and transportation of olive oil.

OLIVE OIL LIVA, for the convenience of the consumer, classifies olive oil into five categories depending on the phenol content.

  • DIAMOND D3> 1000mg / Kg
  • PLATINUM D3> 600mg / Kg
  • GOLD D3> 350mg / Kg
  • SILVER D3> 250mg / Kg
  • CLASSIC D3> 200mg / Kg

The first three are marked HEALTH CLAIM and the other two are HEALTH PHILOSOPHY.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: LIVA GROVES S.A.
  • Address: 3, S. Petroula str.
  • City: Ano Liosia
  • Postal Code: 133 41
  • Region: Attica
  • Phone: +30 2102482276
  • Fax: +30 2102482276 
  • Web site:
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