MANDREKAS SA is a family owned dairy. It started with Dimitrios Mandrekas the founder back in 1954. He produced and sold over the counter Greek traditional yogurt from sheep/cow milk. In 1984 Evangelos Mandrekas took over after coming back from his studies in England (B.Sc , M.Sc in Engineering).

In 1991 a new plant was commissioned outside Corinth-Greece where modern yogurt production is still taking place. The business grew up and MANDREKAS SA is one of the largest private label yogurt producer in the country. Our main core of business is yogurt private label. We also have developed exports in Europe and USA where Greek Yogurt has become a household novelty.

We are producing all types of yogurt plus some yogurt desserts (tzatziki sauce ) and milk desserts, (rice pudding, custard cream and chocolate). Today, we employ 30 people and our motto is FFF (Fast, Flexible, Fresh). We can deliver all over the world either from our factory in Greece or from selected co-production dairies around the world, where the product is produced with our recipes and technology and under our supervision.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: MANDREKAS S.A.
  • Address: 80 km. New Av. Athens-Korinthou
  • City: Korinthos
  • Postal Code: 201 00
  • Region: Korinthia
  • Phone: +30 2741083535
  • Web site:
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