PIZZA FACTORY (DIMOU BROS. S.A.) was established in 2000 and our main function is the production of frozen pizza with different toppings.

We focus on using only the best ingredients available in the market. Also our products are well recognized because of our homemade pizza dough, our special recipe of pizza sauce, and our methods of making pizza the traditional handmade way, are all the result of producing a product of very high standard.

Our range of costumers mainly consists of cafeterias located in schools, universities and summer camps.

Additional Info

  • Name of Enterprise: PIZZA FACTORY
  • Address: 57, Baiou Crete & Ag. Petrou str.,
  • City: Acharnes
  • Postal Code: 136 75
  • Region: Attica
  • Phone: +30 2102311289
  • Web site:
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